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The Jet Lag Refuses To Leave

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's nine-fourteen pm here in Beijing. I usually sleep pretty late at night (around eleven or later), but with the intense combination of jet lag (it's six-fourteen back in my beloved town of La Crescenta) and the itinerary chock-full of activities and things to see, it's been impossible to resist the constant blinking that characterizes drowsiness. I suppose, however, I am entitled to have a bit of fun every night now, so at the moment I'm hanging out with my fellow La Crescentites (is that even a word?) and the Jersey kids. I'm not doing much of the talking, but it's better than nothing.

Anyways, yesterday we got to see the Temple of Heaven, which is located in the "outer" section of Beijing. With its "Echo Wall" and enormous circular roof, it was quite a sight to see.

Then we actually got to see the FORBIDDEN CITY!! It was so powerful to imagine the royal processions that would have progressed through the imperial palace. I wordlessly walked through in stunned silence; there are almost no words to describe the entire atmosphere of the place. Even though the Forbidden City was packed with people, both locals and tourists (mostly Chinese tourists, actually), I found the place still had an ancient feeling to it. It was amazing to see that even the unrenovated decorations remained in a decent condition. Truly quite an experience.

Today-- ah, I'm incredibly tired at the moment and can't exactly be bothered to type anymore on the tiny keyboard this Blackberry has. Good night. Today's adventure can be saved for tomorrow.

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Karen Wells said...

Sorry to hear the jet lag is still with you. Maybe tomorrow it will be gone. Until then, I'm glad you're finding time to meet new people. I hope one day to see the Forbidden City. It really wasn't on my list of things to do until I started reading the blogs you guys have been posting. Oh, well, just one more thing to add to my already long list of life adventures I hope to do. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

Martha said...

Hi, Tiffany! WAKE UP!!! (hehe) I had to Wiki the Forbidden City. If even part of what it said, no wonder you were in such awe! To think it was built before Columbus even sailed ... we are such a young country! I'm so glad you are getting to see all this. Can't wait for the pics!

Changing Connections said...

Jet lag does interfere with enjoyment. Hope you catch your second wind and can begin to enjoy all of the experiences before you. You will hit your mark. Hang on.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

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