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Tiffany's Adventures in China

Ni Hao!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's nine o' clock here in Beijing, and I have basically just pulled the equivalent of an all nighter. As I lay on this bed, with all its comfy sheets, I am also reflecting upon the fact that it was quite difficult to even fall asleep on the plane. (Strangely enough, the guys seemed to have no problem with that.) We were the first to arrive but also probably the first to experience the painful effects of jet lag. Getting a short nap in the hotel was also difficult with some very loud kids, in a large group, running around this floor doing who knows what.

Anyways, since I'm immensely tired at the moment, I think I'll fall asleep like a stone now.

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Changing Connections said...

Hi nao, Tiffany,

I am so delighted that, despite the aches of jet lag, you posted from China. Good for you. I am following your blog and look forward to the details of your adventures with those photographs you are so good at taking and uploading.

Enjoy. This event will certainly be life-shaping and changing. What a college essay you will be able to write.

RJ Stangherlin
PA Discovery Educator Network Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

Martha said...

I can't believe your trip has already begun! I am so excited for you. I already learned from your pre-trip blog because I didn't know your grandparents were from China ... I looked on a map to figure out where China vs. Vietnam were (not that I will be able to remember). Can't wait for more blogs!

Karen Wells said...

Tiffany, Try to rest as often as you can. The next two weeks will be full of adventure. I will be checking back often to see how your trip is going. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

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