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Shaolin Martial Arts

Monday, August 10, 2009

Today's adventure consisted mainly of two hours of intense Shaolin style kung fu. The difficulty is not just in the hand positions but also the footwork and the positions of the legs. Having to hold some of those positions with bent knees was pretty challenging, but some of my friends and I gladly rose up to meet that challenge-- this was the activity a lot of us had been looking forward to. I myself felt not fatigue but a more rewarding sense; at the moment I'm actually not that sore. Perhaps it's because of the Great Wall hike; today's adventure was simply amazing. Sure, it got tiring trying to hold some of those poses, knees bent and arms held high, but it was all worth it.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

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Changing Connections said...

Your experience which you described in such detail does sound challenging--and painful. You say that it was worth it; would be interested in knowing what makes the intensity of the effort so valuable: achieving?

You are so correct in stating that by participating in something so different and unique you learn more. Hands on and on-site learning in a global environment with Discovery will spoil you for any other kind of travel, I suspect. Guess you can rule out at least one career pathway, right?

How do you think the monks view their daily routine? You may find it monotonous, but clearly they seem fit for the life they chose. What makes the difference?

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN LC Blog Coordinator

Karen Wells said...

Isn't that what this whole adventure has been about - meeting challenges, becoming empowered, overcome difficult situations? What great preparation for life. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

Martha said...

Is there any chance you will take this up as a sport once you are Stateside? Sounds painful to me - glad you found it rewarding :)

Tiffany Lam said...

I would actually go into martial arts as a hobby--if I had the time. Sadly, the education system doesn't give much time over to extracurriculars these days, especially when it expects students to have work-intensive classes. I am actually taking seven courses next year, so... well, it just doesn't leave much time for these other things I'd like to pursue. Like music, for instance. And now this.

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